Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When I fall asleep, does the cat play on my computer?

Almost every morning, when I eventually make it to my desktop I discover 2 things; 1 - Microsoft has yet again seen fit to automatically restart my computer, losing all of my browser windows and apps that I foolishly left running, and 2 - cat hair on my keyboard. This has led me to question if my cat has figured out how the computer works and plays on it all night, as cats are nocturnal creatures.
If my feline hypothesis is correct, then I must ask, what does he do with it? Does he play solitaire? Does he have an email account that he uses to message all of his megalomaniacal cat friends with? Does he surf cat porn?
Of course, if I am wrong and all he does is shed on my keyboard, my musings will make me sound crazy...
In case the latter is true, I shall now be very afraid of anyone I see in a white coat.
So if I see you, and you're wearing white and I either run away screaming or viciously attack you for no reason, blame the cat.
After all, they're responsible for all the world's evils...

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