Friday, May 22, 2009

Who are they?!

So, people have been asking with increasing frequency, "Which one are you?". I thought it high time to address this question. Some guesses have been that Stone and Stick are merely different aspects of myself. Split cartoon personality disorder, or SCPD, for short. That is incorrect. For people familiar with the crap that usually issues from my mouth, it should come as no shock, that I am represented most closely by Stick. The witty banter and snappy comments about Stone's mother being a whore are pure me. So, who then is Stone? Amusingly enough, Stone is all the best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint) aspects of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Although much of what Stone goes through, cross-dressing for example, are things this particular accomplice of mine would never do, it is my great privelage, with artistic license, to make him do it in the strip. Still, this doesn't answer the question, "Who is Stone?". But, guess what? You don't get to know. Keep guessing, keep wondering, his true identity will remain a mystery. Suffice to say, he knows who he is. Some of you might already know him, some of you have only heard tales. C'est la vie.

For now, enjoy the fact that when Stick does something or says something, you know it is I who is truly doing or saying those things. Often times, I have said or done those things to this particular friend. Most of the time, I have at the least, said these things to some of you. In conclusion; bite me, shut the hell up and your mom is still a whore.

Die in a fire,

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